ALL Gradience Products - Difference Between Updates and Upgrades

Update vs. Upgrade:

  • An Update is an improvement to the current version.  
  • An Upgrade is a purchase of the next version. Upgrades are NOT FREE.

Visit to get your free UPDATE.


It is important to understand that the data do not reside [inside] the software. The data reside in a database file, which is [outside] the software. The software merely [connects to] the data. The software does not [contain] the data. Your database file may reside on the same computer where you [use] the software or it may reside on another PC or on your server. The name of your database file is hrware.gdb.

It is essential that you know exactly where your database file is located so you can run the update properly. Failing to know precisely where your database file is located can result in your running the update improperly. This in turn can cause the software to fail to open after running the update.

Running the Update:

When a FREE update becomes available, the software will notify you. When accepting the update, you will be taken to the web page that has the downloadable installation file. When the web page opens, look for the heading; Download Software and click on the name of the software you are updating. 

When the popup window opens, click Run. After installing the program, click on Help > About to view the new full, multi-digit version number. Jot down that full number. In the event you need technical support, it helps for us to know all of the digits of your version number to render you the best possible support. Occasionally, solutions for particular issues change when the version number changes.

As long as you accept all updates when they become available, all you will have to do when purchasing the next upgrade will be to enter the product key to renew the license for the next year.



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