Attendance & Records - How To: Run last years' End-of-Year Reports

--CAUTION!-- Before following the steps below, please perform a backup by going to: File > Maintenance > Back Up Database.

Running the previous years' End of Year Report:

1. Click Settings > Global Settings > Attendance.

2. Over in the upper-right, you'll see a section called Accrual Schedule. Set it to Do not allow Time-Off to accrue as shown in the image below.

3. Click Save > OK > Close.

All that the first three steps above will have done is make sure that after you finish step 6 below, the software will [not] re-accrue automatically. This will then give you time to run your End-of-the-Year report [after which] you can turn your automatic accruals back on to allow everything to catch back up to what it should be today.

4. Click File > Maintenance > Remove Transactions and then enter a Begin Date of 12/31 of last year and a Through Date of today. The example below was done in early 2018 so your dates will differ if you are doing this in early 2019 or early 2020 or later.
Make sure that you leave all of the check boxes set as they appear in the image above. DO NOT check Adjustments and DO NOT check Time Used.

5. Click Run Process in the upper-left corner and you will get a smaller popup like the lone shown below.

6. Click OK.

7. Run your report or reports.

8. Click Settings > Global Settings > Attendance.

9. Over in the upper-right, you'll see a section called Accrual Schedule. Set it to Accrue Time-Off automatically as shown in the image below.

10. Click Save > OK > Close.

11. Click the red Records tab in the upper-left corner. This will essentially take you out of the Attendance program. 

12. Click the green Attendance tab to re-enter Attendance and when you do, you will see your Time-Off accruals happen automatically. This will return all your balances to where they should be effective today.



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