Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: Can't upgrade to version 12

If you are having difficulty upgrading to version 12 follow the steps below:

1. Copy the database file directly. It is gdb. You’ll find it at C:\ProgramData\Gradience.

2. Save it somewhere safe and install version 12 [as a Standalone] on a completely separate machine.

3. Launch version 12 on the new machine.

4. Login with admin/admin and once in, get right back out.

5. Copy the [copy] of the database you stored somewhere and use it to replace the new, blank one on the new machine at C:\ProgramData\Gradience.

6. Try to get in using your normal login and password.

7. Assuming you are successful, uninstall Gradience from the original machine.

8. Stop Firebird in Services and then search Programs and Features for it and uninstall it if you see it.

9. Go to C:\Program Files (x86) and delete the firebird folder if one is there.

10. Go to C:\Program Files and delete the firebird folder if one is there.

11. Go to C:\ProgramData and delete the firebird folder if one is there

12. If you are comfortable, you may want to check the registry for any remnant Gradience stuff that should be removed but we do not offer advise in this regard.

13. Reinstall version 12 once again and see whether it will launch. If it does not, please contact Tech Support.

--NOTE-- Visit to download the latest version.



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