Gradience Pro / Enterprise - How To Backup from Outside Gradience

--IMPORTANT-- Do this from directly from the desktop of the computer/server where the database resides. Do not remotely access the computer/server to do this.

1. Begin to type Database Monitor into the search field on your desktop.

2. Select Database Monitor from the list that appears.

3. Log into it as you would log into the software and when it opens, click BackupBackup Now.

4. Click Yes to question about running a sweep.

5. Using the Select Directory window, navigate to where you want the backup to reside and click OK.

--NOTE-- In version 12, the Database Monitor must be running on the computer that is hosting the data in order for a user at a client to back up the data from the client workstation.

5. If you are not running version 12 or you are but you do not need to allow a user at a client workstation to back up the data, please click File Exit > Yes.



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