TimeClock - Solution To: QuickBooks Error - Class not Registered

--IMPORTANT!-- This issue has been resolved with our Version 12 release. If you are currently on Versions 10 or 11, follow this link to download the update. Please make sure to back up your database before installing the update.

For users with versions 9 and lower, you will have to contact our sales department to re-purchase the software.

If you decide to stay on the older version of the software below are some workarounds:

Option One:
QuickBooks Workaround
Although we have had success attempting this, we cannot guarantee that you will have favorable results. 

It is believed that there is a flaw in the version 12 installer preventing the plugin (SDK) to work. For a [temporary fix], you are advised to run the attached standalone QBFC 7.0 installer. You [may] find this installer here

--CAUTION!-- If you reverted back to the previous version of Gradience, there will be some files that need to be removed or changed or the installer will fail. The files are...

  • gdb_migrated located at C:\ProgramData\Gradience and...
  • gbk_complete located at C:\ProgramData\Gradience\backup

If the install has already failed due to the existence of these files, install the previous version again and make sure the two files are renamed and removed to allow the install and migration to succeed.

Option Two:
Gradience Workaround
1. Perform a backup in version 12. 
2. Click here to install version 11 as a standalone on a computer not currently running Gradience.
3. Install QuickBooks as a client on the same computer where you just installed Gradience.
4. Click here to access the steps to perform a restore of the backup you made in step 1 above. 
5. Attempt to execute the Data Export from version 11 on the separate machine.

Option Three: This may be impractical if you have many machines running Gradience.
This option would have you revert back to version 11. The steps below are to be done at the server [and] at each client machine:
1. Uninstall version Gradience Professional version 12.0.0614.16.
2. Go to Services at the server and stop Firebird 3.0.
3. Go to C:\Program Files (x86) and delete the firebird folder if one is there. 
4. Go to C:\Program Files and delete the firebird folder if one is there.
5. Go to C:\ProgramData and delete the firebird folder if one is there.
6. Click here to reinstall version 11.0.1606.29.



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