Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: Exception Error when trying to open Gradience


Cause: If you received an error similar to the one pictured above when attempting to open Gradience, please read the entire article.

--IMPORTANT!-- Firebird is the mechanism that connects the software to the data. It is our alternative to InterBase and it is what our software requires. It is vital that that you install the correct version. Older versions of our software used Firebird 1.5 while version 12 of our software uses Firebird 3.0.

You may think that you have the current [version] of Gradience when what you actually have is the current [license] for Gradience. These two things are not related in any way.


Finding your Version Number: Normally, to find your full, multi-digit version number, you would open the software and click Help > About. Obviously, if you are getting the error shown above, you cannot open the software so please do the following:

Open your Control Panel and go to Programs & Features for the list of applications and services installed on your computer. When the list populates, please look for Gradience Professional or Gradience Enterprise. The version number will follow. If you do not see the version number or do not see the word Professional or the word Enterprise associated with the word Gradience, please do the following:

Go to C:\Program Files (x86)\Gradience\Common and scroll down to and right-click on GCore.exe and then click Properties > Details to find your full, multi-digit version number.

If you are running version 11, please download Firebird 1.5.

If you are running version 12, please download Firebird 3.0.

Visit to download Firebird. 



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