TimeClock - Solution To: TimeStation Error - Database is not available

Issue: When attempting to use the TimeStation to clock in or out the error shown below appears:

Probable Cause:

Something on your network is causing the software to launch much more slowly than it should. This issue is likely due to latency issues over your WAN or LAN.

Possible Solution:

  1. Try to connect over an offending workstation during off-hours when your traffic drops off and…
  2. Try to reduce the number of hops over the WAN as a way of reducing latency.

--DISCLAIMER!-- We cannot recreate this issue so it would be impossible to offer anything beyond the suggestions above. The only additional advice we can offer you would be for you to make sure that [every machine] is running the [same] iteration of the [same] version, preferably our latest release of version 12. Regrettably, there simply is nothing further that we can offer you on this at this time.

Download the installer for our current release of VERSION 12.

Download the installer for the final release of VERSION 11.



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