TimeClock - Solution To: TimeStation Fails

ISSUE: When attempting to open Gradience TimeStation one encounters:

A follow-up error like this may appear:


1. Go into Services and stop Firebird.

2. Go to C:\Program Files (x86) and delete the firebird folder if you have one there.

3. Go to C:\ProgramData and delete the firebird folder from there as well just in case you happen to have one there too. So to be clear, you'll be deleting the firebird folder from...

C:\Program Files (x86) and from...

4. Uninstall Gradience [and] Firebird.

5. Leave the Gradience folder residing at C:\ProgramData .

6. Reinstall version 12 as a client.

If you are not using FMLA Tracker make sure during installation that it is [not] selected. We have seen on rare occasions that it is selected automatically. This could have a negative impact on your Gradience Attendance program even if Attendance is not running on this machine.

--IMPORTANT!-- Please be sure that you are running the [same] iteration of version 12 on each machine where Gradience is installed. Each computer running Gradience must run the [same] full, multi-digit version number. If this is not the case, you risk corrupting your data beyond repair.



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