Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: Error Code 2885

Issue: During installation of Gradience [Attendance, FMLA Tracker, or TimeClock] version 12, the following error may appear:

Known Cause: 

The error shown above can appear when the current version of the software is installed on a client workstation that had an older version of Gradience installed previously and that older version of Gradience is pointed to a database residing on another computer/server, which has a version of Firebird older than 3.0. 

Often, someone will have previously installed version 11 or even an older version of Gradience on a server. Doing so will have installed an older version of Firebird than what Gradience version 12 requires. Then someone installs Gradience version 12 but [only] on a client workstation.

Although the installation of Gradience Attendance, FMLA Tracker, and TimeCLock also installs Firebird [locally] on the [same] computer, the software will actually use the instance of Firebird that resides on the same computer where the database resides. 

Since the Gradience software on that [other machine] is an older version than 12, the version of Firebird residing there is also older than 3.0, which Gradience version 12 requires. For this reason the installation will present the error shown above


Install version 12 on the server and then install version 12 on each client workstation where version 12 has not yet been installed. 

--NOTE-- If you prefer to stop using the software in a client-server arrangement and decide to start using the software as a standalone on a single computer where the data will reside on that single computer going forward, follow the alternative solution below.

Switching from client server to Standalone:

1. Perform a backup at the server.

2. Copy the backup to a neutral location.

3. On the former client-soon to be standalone, go to C:\Program Files (x86) and rename the Gradience folder Gradience Old.

4. Install version 12 on the standalone machine, being sure to only select the appropriate software title(s) and being sure to select Standalone when given the option. This will create a new, blank version 12 database file on that computer.

5. Copy the [copied backup and paste it at C:\ProgramData\Backup on the standalone.

6. At the standalone, perform a Restore. You can find the steps for this by clicking here.



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