Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Solution To: A feature is not accessible or clickable


Anytime a feature is grayed-out, is invisible, or is not fully usableor is unclickable it is because the login and password that the user used to get into the software does not have rights to that feature. Someone at some point, whether you or someone else set up a login and a password for the user and when that was done, the login and password were not given adequate user rights.


The primary administrator of  the software must do the following:

  1. Click Settings > User Rights. When the User Rights screen opens, the administrator needs to highlight the name on the left that belongs to the person who cannot see or adequately use the feature.
  2. Over on the right, the feature list shown will be associated with the first tab in the upper part of the right half of the screen. The tab should be Common Features.
  3. The administrator must scroll down to the feature to which the user has inadequate access. If the feature cannot be found on the list, it is because the feature is uniquely associated with a particular software title. In this case, the administrator must click the appropriate tab for that software title at the top of the right half of the screen.
  4. The administrator will then scroll down to the feature to which the user has inadequate access and set the access rights to whatever level is appropriate and then save the change and close out of the User Rights screen.
  5. The user must then close and reopen the software. Once back in the software, the user will have the desired level of access rights to the feature.

--IMPORTANT!-- If you give rights to a feature that is unique to a particular software title the user will not be able to access the feature if you fail to [also] give rights to Employee Record Access under the Common Features tab.

It would be as if you gave someone the keys to various rooms in a building but locked that person out of the building. 

Also visit this ARTICLE to set up appropriate user rights for a user. 



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