TimeClock - Clocking In & Out using the keypad of the Remote Swipe Card Reader

View this ARTICLE if you have not yet configured the reader.

View this ARTICLE to create a login and password in Gradience TimeClock for clocking in & out.

Numbers or Letters?

We recommend that the entry be fully numeric rather than alpha-numeric. If your login or your password contains letters, you will have to press S1 or S2 while pressing a number to enter the appropriate letter. This requires two-handed operation. 

By having a totally numeric entry, you can use one hand to perform this task.This would simplify things for your employees.

How to clock in or out:

1. Press the keys for the login and press Enter. The device will display Please select IN or OUT. 

2. Press IN or OUT as necessary.

3. Enter the password and press Enter. The device will display IN or OUT and show the date & time



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