Attendance - Solution To: Annoying Accrual Reminder when Opening the Software

Issue: When opening Gradience Attendance, you may see this popup window:

Cause: This pop-up is a reminder to run your Time-Off Accruals when you open the software. The reason you are getting this reminder is that the program has been instructed to remind you to do this. You can see where the program was instructed to do this by clicking Settings > Global Settings > Attendance. Look to the right under Accrual Schedule and you will see:

Solution: If you prefer not to be reminded about this, set it to one of the following to:



The choice you make depends on whether you want the program to handle accruing Time-Off automatically. 

  • If you choose "Do not allow Time-Off to accrue", the software will never automatically give anyone any Time-Off at all.
  • If you choose "Accrue Time-Off Automatically", the software will automatically give people their Time-off whenever your Time-Off plans dictate.

If you end up selecting "Accrue Time-Off Automatically", please make sure the rest of the area looks like this:

When you have it set as shown above, the program will check on a daily basis to see whether anyone should earn any Time-Off on that day. If on that day no one should earn any Time-Off, no one earns any. This does not mean people will actually earn Time-Off 7 days a week. It merely means that the software will check 7 days a week to see when and whether to give anyone any Time-Off at all.

--NOTE-- You can ignore that month and day at the bottom. Those are from older version of the software and are no longer of function. 

--IMPORTANT-- Before you set your Time-Off accruals to run automatically, we recommend you first:

1. Set your Begin Date - ARTICLE

2. Enter an Initial Deposit if necessary - ARTICLE

3. Create your Time-Off plans - ARTICLE

4. Assign your Time-Off plans to your employees - ARTICLE 



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