TimeClock - Solution To: TimeStation Error - Bad Checksum



1. On a computer with a working Time Station, go to: C:\ProgramData\Gradience 

2. Copy the Timestation.fdb and paste it into a shared, network folder or paste it onto a portable drive or e-mail it to the computer with the error.

3. On the computer where the error occurred, go to: C:\ProgramData\Gradience and paste the copied Timestation.fdb into that folder. If one already exists, replace the original with this copy.

--NOTE-- If you do not have another computer running TimeStation from which you would copy the Timestation.fdb, do the following:

1. On the computer where the error occurred, go to C:\ProgramData\Gradience and search for Timestation.fdb. If one exists, delete it.

2. Reinstall Gradience and when you do, be sure to install [both] TimeClock [and] TimeStation, even if all you really need is TimeStation. If you do not need TimeClock, you may drag the shortcut for it into the recycle bin. In the current version, [both] must be installed for TimeStation to function properly. The re-installation will create a new Timestation.fdb



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