Gradience Pro / Enterprise - Firebird Vulnerability

We are aware that certain industries particularly in the financial sector prefer Firebird 2.x.x and even Firebird 3.x.x over Firebird 1.5 for security reasons. 

Your database is secure.

Normal Operating Conditions: Access to the data requires a Login and password.

Accessing the Data from the Outside the Software: It is possible to use an ODBC driver to access the database from outside Gradience BUT only [after] someone with legitimate access performs a precise set of steps inside the software beforehand.

A More Secure Version of Firebird - Version 3.0:

The final release of version 11 can use Firebird 2.0, which is of course more secure than Firebird 1.5.

If you are running version 11 but don't know the particular release that you are running, you can find it inside the software by clicking Help > About. A popup window will open that will display your full, multi-digit version number. The final version is 11.0.1606.29.

It is possible however, that you are already running this latest release of version 11 but still have Firebird 1.5. This is possible because this latest release of version 11 is compatible with [both] Firebird 1.5 [and] Firebird 2.0.

--IMPORTANT-- Simply reinstalling the final release of version 11 will [not] update Firebird to 2.0 if Firebird 1.5 is already present. If you have an earlier version 11, you will [not] get Firebird 2.0 simply by updating to the latest release of version 11.

The only way to move up to Firebird 2.0 is to eliminate Firebird 1.5 first.

--CAUTION!-- Please verify that you don't have some other application that depends on Firebird 1.5 before removing it. 

--CAUTION!-- Please verify which release of version 11 you are running elsewhere. If any of the other computers running Gradience are running an earlier release of version 11, you must update them to the latest version as well.

[All] machines running Gradience must run the [same] iteration of the [same] version. Otherwise you risk corrupting the data beyond repair, which will cause performance issues that cannot be resolved.

To replace Firebird 1.5 with Firebird 2.0, go into Services and stop Firebird 1.5 and then open the Control Panel and go to Programs & Feature to uninstall it.

While in Programs and Features, if you see Gradience Professional, please uninstall that too. Doing so will [not] remove your data because the software does not [contain] data. All of your data reside in a database file that is outside the software.

If you do not see Gradience Professional but some other variation of Gradience, you do not have to uninstall it.

Next, please check the following locations and delete any firebird folders you may have:

  • C:\Program Files
  • C:\Program Files (x86)
  • C:\ProgramData 

Then click here to install the last iteration of version 11, which will give you Firebird 2.0.

--NOTE-- Please disregard any message you may see during installation about restarting the computer after installation. Rebooting the machine after installation is [not] necessary. 

--IMPORTANT!-- When we re-released Gradience version 12, it will only run with Firebird 3.0. Please verify that Firebird 3.0 will not conflict with any other software you are running that may require a different version of Firebird. 

If  you need the install files for the other Firebird versions visit 



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